Debadeep Sen

Full-Stack Software Developer. Enjoys learning new programming and spoken languages. Loves coffee and cats.


Featured Projects

US Election Results Simulator
Lets the user assign states to Democrat and Republican candidates, and calculates the electoral college count to determine the winner.
A word guessing game
A Hangman-like word game which lets you guess a word, letter by letter.
Listed on the official VueJS Github
A demo job portal
A replication of some of the features offered by popular job search websites like Indeed, Monster, and others.
A personal recipe book
A recipe book that lets you build your own recipe by adding ingredients, and calculates the total Calorie and macronutrient counts for that, using the FatSecret API.
A food ordering app
A mobile app that imitates features found in popular food delivery apps.
Fat loss duration calculator
An attempt to calculate in how much time a person can realistically expect to lose a certain amount of fat.

Featured Articles

Page scroll progress bars
Animated underline on hover (pure CSS)
Vintage photo effect with CSS
A table with a fixed (sticky) header
Drawer navigation menu using CSS and Vue JS
Making a sliding tab in React Native
Introduction to React for Vue JS developers series
Part 1:

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